GRAZ FOR families

Experience the Styrian capital with the family

Families are particularly well looked after in Graz. With kids, cities get more colourful and they certainly coin the image of many parks and tourist attractions.  Graz guests can feel this too, because children are travelling more and more and are even taken along on business trips.

Spend pleasant hours with your children on the "Schlossberg" in Graz.

Natural History Museum | © UMJ - Harry Schiffer
The slide of the Schlossberg | © Graz Tourismus - Harry Schiffer

The Slide – helter-skelter inside Schlossberg hill

A new attraction in the historic centre of Graz: The Slide, in Schlossberg hill, is the largest underground slide in the world. With 170 metres of track steep enough to take you up to a thrilling 30 km/h – down from Schlossberg hill to the Schlossbergstollen caves within. The Slide runs right next to, and indeed around, the Schlossberglift. Anyone can slide, subject to being at least 1.3 metres tall and complying with the safety rules (using special mats, only starting on the green light, no accompanying objects, no tandem-riding). Anyone who wants to be sure of avoiding a queue can pre-book online.

The slide
Graz Fairy Tale Train | © GMB - Harry Schiffer

Graz fairy tale train

One fairy tale, no, many fairy tales can be discovered in the tunnels within the Schlossberg - castle hill in Graz. Just get onboard and ride along – on a half-hour trip away from real life into the kingdom of fairy tales and fantasy.  There’s the witches’ domain, the meadow of flowers, the enchanted forest, the den of thieves, the treasure cave and so much more. Riddles are there to be solved and valuable things collected. Ideal for all young and old visitors to Graz from the age of four.

Graz fairy tale train
The Flight Graz 4D | © Dieselkino

The Flight Graz 4D

Adventure cinema

THE FLIGHT GRAZ 4D takes you on an adventurous 10-minute tour of downtown Graz. In the technically ultra-modern 4D adventure cinema you can see the highlights of the city like you have never seen them before! You will accompany a scenic flight through the city center of Graz from the perspective of a fly and visit more than 25 of the most beautiful squares, buildings and sights of the state capital. "The Flight Graz 4D" can be reached via the elevator at Schlossbergplatz or the stairs at the clock tower.

The Flight Graz 4D

Family & education

Despite mobile phones, laptops etc, “Listening, seeing and touching” are still quite popular. In Graz, knowledge is passed on playfully. Be it the“FRida & freD” children’s museum with its numerous specials, the Folk Life Museum or Natural History Museum, the armoury or Eggenberg palace. Who would actually not like to know how a trick lock works? At the Schell Collection this secret is unveiled. The newly refurbished Fairy tale train ride is re-opened, kids certainly know that visiting Rumpelstilzchen & Co isn’t just a bad weather treat.

Botanical Garden Graz | © Graz Tourismus - Harry Schiffer

Family & nature

Outdoor exercise is popular with the young and the old and serves kids’ need for movement.  With some incentives and extra pleasures, Graz gives its young visitors that extra something. Walking through Rettenbachklamm they can observe all the creepy crawlies of nature and you should also take some time to visit the Tramway Museum. In addition to playground and children’s zoo, the surroundings of Schloss Lustbühel mansion also sport an observatory. The Botanical gardens impressively illustrate that nature can also be “captured”.

Spazieren & Wandern mit Kindern I Unsere Tipps
playground "Holzpanther" at the Schlossberg | © Graz Tourismus - Harry Schiffer

Family & play/sports

There are so many parks and playgrounds in Graz that the list would get too long for this space – and kids know best anyway which one they like most. And if summer in the city really gets too hot, we recommend a visit to Graz Auster and its kiddies area, adventure and wave slides and a diving platform for the really daring ones. By the way – not only the outdoor pool but also the indoor one is rather fancy.

Playgrounds in Graz

Tips for your family vacation in Graz

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